Green Valley Radio is produced by Nick Seider, with voices provided by Garrett Fritz, Hannah Marks, and additional guests hosts. All sounds are public domain. Below is a general breakdown of costs to produce and share this project. If you find yourself listening to Green Valley Radio often, please consider supporting this project! 

As a supporter ($3 per month) you gain access to supporter only updates, as well as the Green Valley Radio Archive, where you can access previous broadcasts and set your radio clock to whatever time you'd like to visit. 

Additional tiers will be added as the project grows. Once production costs are covered (currently $37 per month), the immediate plan is to purchase a type writer and begin providing patrons of a second tier a monthly newsletter from Green Valley Radio, time stamped and filled with articles and news pieces straight from 80 years ago! For those of you that support this project, thank you for helping me bring this dream to life!

Monthly Financial Breakdown (as of JULY 2021): 
- Website (Bandzoogle): $10.00
- Spotify subscription: $12.00 
- SimpleCast (how this project can appear on Spotify): $15.00
Total Production Costs: $37 per month

Current Patreon Support (as of JULY 06, 2021): $32 per month


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